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What are Galactic Apes?

Prep your crews, assemble your ships and reclaim the universe for the glory of the apes. Only the most worthy and greatest of all apes will rescue their allies from war-torn planets, colonize new worlds and loot treasure from rich deposits in the deepest reaches of space.

Each crew member is .08Ξ with a max of 10 mints/tx and 250 max/wallet.

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----/9,999 AVAILABLE
Galactic Team
Galactic Team


How much do they cost and what is the total supply?

The total supply of apes is 9,999 with a mint cost of .08Ξ per ape.

What are missions?

Missions are the gamification mechanism for the Galactic Apes universe. With your crew(s), you will be able to complete missions that yield other NFT’s and rewards.

Will I need more than one ape to run missions?

Yes! For missions you will need a crew, but you can also have multiple crews to run different missions simultaneously. Depending on your crew mix, there will be significant advantages over other crews.

What is the best crew mix to have?

The three crew types from most to least advantageous will be:

  • 3 Galactic Apes total with 1 of each genus
  • 3 Galactic Apes total with any mix
  • 2 Galactic Apes total with any mix
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Your apes are not just a crew that will take you on missions throughout the Galactic Apes universe, but the start of a journey that will open the door to nft’s of all types and the Galactic Apes expansion into the Metaverse. There will be new collections, new artists, and your crew(s) will be your key to it all.


Activate the Galactic Shipyard


Activate Missions


Enter the Metaverse

meet the team

Galactic Team
Galactic Team

MICHAEL ZEN (Developer)